Ankle Ligament Reconstruction

An ankle sprain is a common injury that occurs when the ankle is twisted or turned, and results in torn ligaments within the joint. This injury often causes pain, swelling and bruising, and if it does not heal properly, it may lead to chronic ankle instability or repeated ankle sprains. Ankle ligament reconstruction is a procedure typically performed on patients experiencing chronic ankle instability and repeated ankles sprains. It is effective in repairing torn ligaments, tightening loosened ligaments, and improving the overall stability of the ankle joint. During the procedure, torn ligaments may be repaired with stitches or sutures with our without implants, ligaments may be reattached, or part of a lateral ankle tendon ankle may be used to repair the torn ligament.

Recovery From Ankle Ligament Reconstruction

After surgery, patients may require the assistance of crutches. The amount of time between surgery and walking in a removable walking boot can vary on the extent of damage and the specific surgery. Physical therapy is a crucial part of the healing process and usually begins after about four to six weeks. Physical therapy treatments focus on improving range of motion without putting excessive strain on the healing tendons. Muscle-strengthening exercises and range of motion exercises may all be used to increase movement and mobility. Most patients fully recover from ankle ligament reconstruction after two to four months and can then resume regular activities including running and exercise.

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