Revisional Procedures

Foot and ankle injuries may require surgery to relieve persistent pain, correct deformity, and restore function to weakened or damaged joints. While foot and ankle surgery is safe and effective, not every patient who undergoes surgery will experience a positive outcome. If a patient continues to suffer from problems related to a foot or ankle injury, such as continued pain or deformity, revision surgery may be necessary. Revision surgery generally takes longer to complete than initial foot surgery, and is often more challenging, but it can lead to reduced pain and an improved quality of life.

Revision surgery may involve repairing or repositioning tendons or ligaments, removing misaligned or damaged joint surfaces, or surgically realigning damaged or misplaced bones and joints. In some cases, internal fixation devices that were used during the initial procedure to maintain the proper position of a bone may be removed during revision surgery, especially if they are causing pain. A successful revision surgery can improve quality of life and overall activity level.

Living in pain does not have to be a part of your life. Many people suffer needlessly with foot or ankle pain from improperly treated sports injuries, inherited defects or accidents. If you are living with foot or ankle pain, please contact our office to find out what can be done to relieve your pain and restore your quality of life.

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